30 Most Comfortable Office Chairs Tier List for 2023 (2023)

You guys have been clamoring for a tiered ranking list of office chairs according to comfort and we have delivered. In this round, cost isn’t a part of the equation and we are focusing solely on comfort. If you’d like to see our team use each chair, check out the video version of this tier list below. Let’s jump right into it!

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Lamia – S Tier

This is hands down the most comfortable office chair. Unfortunately, it doesn’t actually exist in the wild. We dismantled a Leap and Amia and combined them to create the “Lamia,” which uses the Leap frame and Amia seat. It may not be pretty, but we think this combination solves all comfort-related problems. Perhaps both companies will take our suggestions into account and you’ll be able to purchase the “Lamia” in the future.

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Steelcase Leap V2 – A Tier

Ultimately, this is an A or S-tier chair. Removing the lumbar support lands it squarely in the S category. The armrests are super comfortable and adjustable. The seat is awesome and flexible. While the padding appears thinner, it provides plenty of comfort in the seat and back, so our entire team agreed on at least an A rating.

Neutral Posture BTC – A Tier

This is probably the most padded chair of all time. It is basically, a couch in office chair form. Every part of the chair, even the armrests, will cause you to sink in. If the large chair fits you just right, it can be an S-tier model. However, the recline isn’t great and the user isn’t allowed a lot of movement, so it is an A-tier chair for our team of reviewers.

Haworth Zody – A Tier

The seat is softer than many of the models we have looked at and the arm caps provide a nice amount of cushion and give. For most, the chair didn’t have any glaring disadvantages, which is why the team felt comfortable awarding it an A-tier rating. However, be aware of the unusual front seat tilt mode, which can make you feel like you are sitting too far forward and falling out of the chair. The problem is that it can be complicated to make the right adjustments to find the perfect fit.

Herman Miller Embody – A Tier

The chair has a lot to offer from a comfort perspective. One potential problem is that the backrest can have a tendency to force the shoulders forward and not allow them to naturally relax into the chair. While the arms aren’t universally loved, our reviewers found them to be comfortable. The recline feature is amazing and allows plenty of movement and creates the feeling of floating in the seat but the lumbar support isn’t adjustable, so if you want something less pronounced, you won’t be able to customize this chair. Overall, it is a very comfortable and well-loved chair.

Steelcase Amia – A Tier

Out of the gate, this chair is an A tier. While it doesn’t offer quite as much functionality as the Leap, the seat has even more cushion, and the seat back and armrests are top-notch. All considered this puts the chair above the Leap and as our highest A-tier chair so far. There’s a lot to love when it comes to comfort.

Steelcase Gesture – A Tier

The Gesture is different from other Steelcase products but definitely has some S-tier qualities. If you look at the armrests and overall comfort, it is a truly great product, but the seat and back aren’t at that same top-tier level. Mainly, the contour of the seat pad can cause discomfort, especially on the tailbone. In addition, the lumbar support is lacking among our reviews who appreciate more direct support. Honestly, if the other Steelcase chairs weren’t a part of the review, the Gesture would probably come out on top, no question. However, while it is still in the A tier, it doesn’t quite reach the same level as the other great Steelcase chairs.

Humanscale Diffrient Smart – A Tier

While the backrest lacks the adjustable lumbar support of other chairs, it is still incredibly comfortable and provides a nice curve to support the back. The armrests do have some give, but they could be slightly better since they don’t offer the same padding as other, more highly rated chairs. The main problem is where the armrests are positioned, which may cause you to hit your elbows on the frame of the chair, which can be annoying. Also, the recline could be better although our reviewers do think the chair is good for daily use.

Hayworth Fern – A/B Tier

Initially, from a comfort standpoint, I thought the seat was a little firm and the lumbar may be too pronounced for some users. These are definitely personal preferences and I found that over time, the seat softened and felt much more comfortable than my first impression. It is definitely an everyday use chair. Perhaps the main drawback that most people cited is the headrest, which just doesn’t add a lot to the comfort to the chair.

30 Most Comfortable Office Chairs Tier List for 2023 (13)

Eurotech Vera – B Tier

I really like the seat pad and the arms are pretty adjustable. Perhaps the one miss is the lumbar support, but only if you prefer pronounced support. The mesh backrest is super comfortable and allows you to sink into the chair. It is a solid and comfortable chair, especially for the price.

Haworth Soji – B Tier

The backrest isn’t great because you can actually feel the frame. However, we did like the seat and the arms although they come to a thin edge. Our initial reaction would be to place the chair somewhere between a B and C, but looking back on the ratings of previous chairs, it seems like an obvious B chair and in the mid-range of B chairs.

Herman Miller Aeron Remastered – B Tier

This chair is a little tricky to rate. To begin with, the arm pads are great and probably the best we have tested in any chair. The backrest is also a major plus despite the rigid frame and the recline is excellent. The problem comes down to the seat. It is way too firm and the front hits the back of my legs. This is a chair that I want to love, but can’t actually use for more than an hour at a time. The rest of our team was split over comfort assessment, making it a polarizing chair that people seem to either love or hate. Once we took everyone’s opinion into account and split the difference, this chair ended up in the B tier for comfort.

Knoll Regeneration – B Tier

The poly back feels great and the padded seat is nice, but you will want to make sure that you order one with fully adjustable arms. Even with the adjustable features, the arms aren’t great, but the super comfortable seat back helps to make up for this. Overall, it is great for everyday use and one of the favorites from the B tier.

Nightingale CXO – B Tier

For comfort, some of our team gave it an A-tier chair despite the fact that the armrests are a little too firm. The seat is amazing although you may experience some lower back discomfort in the long-term. However, the back and headrest are too low for anyone 6” tall or above. In fact, we recommend taking off the headrest altogether.

OM Seating Yes – B Tier

This is one of the few chairs that come with a really thick and cushioned seat, which offers a lot of comfort. Those who prefer pronounced lumbar support may find this chair lacking, but the back is height adjustable, so you might be able to find the right setting to maximize support. While it’s not the prettiest chair, when it comes to comfort, the seat is great, which is why our team agreed to a B rating. It is also important to note that the manufacturer offers a wide range of armrest options, so you can find the style and firmness that you prefer.

Herman Miller Mirra 2 – B Tier

Looking at pure comfort, it’s hard not to give the Mirra 2 a B rating compared to the Aeron, but there is some argument for the Mirra being more comfortable. The backrest is made of a fairly firm plastic that still manages to offer movement and flexibility. The lumbar support is also impressively adjustable and supportive. Even for those who don’t prefer a mesh back, the chair is pretty comfortable. For some, the arm shape was a little droopy and misplaced while others thought the armrests were comfortable even if they weren’t aesthetically pleasing.

Neutral Posture 8000 – B Tier

While this model isn’t as cushy as the BTC, it still includes plenty of thick padding that achieves the right amount of firmness so that you are cushioned without sinking deeply into the chair. The back rest is also generously padded but tends to limit movement. The recline feature also isn’t great, but there is no denying that some people really love this chair. Our sales team members are big fans and customers also seem to really enjoy the chair, which is definitely something worth considering.


In terms of comfort, the seat is thickly padded and soft, which is the chair’s main selling point. The back provides solid lumbar support and the arms are soft, but they could be better, which is why we have put our own chair in the B tier for comfort. The mesh back avoids creating any pressure points and the headrest comfort is above average. Keep in mind that this chair runs on the larger side, so you will want to make sure it is a good fit for you.

30 Most Comfortable Office Chairs Tier List for 2023 (23)

Herman Miller Sayl – C Tier

The reviews on this chair seemed to vary by height. Our taller users felt the chair wasn’t comfortable, while those on the shorter end of our testers enjoyed the chair. While it is a solid chair, it may not offer the level of adjustability needed to accommodate a wide range of users. For those under 6’ tall, it is a B-tier chair, but taller users put it in the C-tier.

Clatina Mellet – C Tier

This chair is a knockoff of the Leap and it shows. The backrest is usable, but only if you remove the lumbar support, otherwise it will cause discomfort. Overall, the rest of the chair is a little too firm and the front of the seat pad has an odd shape. In addition, the arms are too far forward, which can cause your arms to hang off the back. When the chair is modified to fit you, it falls in the C or B tier for comfort, but leaving in the lumbar support, creates a D tier chair.

Humanscale Freedom – C Tier

This is another tough one. Based on the price and the reputation of the manufacturer, you would expect the chair to be comfortable, but that just isn’t the case. The backrest leaves a lot to be desired. The recline is terrible, the headrest is unusable, and the lumbar support is too pronounced. While the armrests are comfortable, they are too small and have to be adjusted in unison, which is a major drawback. Our team had a bit of trouble landing on a tier but finally agreed on a C rating, especially if the chair is going to be used for daily work and tasks.

Hon Ignition – C Tier

This is a newer chair, so we haven’t logged a lot of miles in this model. Our first impression is that it is just okay. It is a good middle-ground chair and the back comfort is the best feature. While we aren’t supposed to be factoring in cost, it is available at a competitive price point, which helps make it a solid C-tier chair.

Ergohuman LE9ERG – /C+ Tier

Personally, I have a ton of experience using this chair. I really appreciate the pronounced lumbar support. While the arms are soft, they are a bit awkward and pivot in a weird spot. While it is clearly not a top-tier chair for comfort, it could be a good option for anyone prioritizing lumbar support.

30 Most Comfortable Office Chairs Tier List for 2023 (29)

ErgoChair Pro – D Tier

Based purely on comfort, this chair is in the D tier. While the back provides some comfort and support, the rest of the chair is too hard. Users often complain about the seat and arm pads. Overall, it is problematic although not quite as bad as the All 33 Chair.

Ergohuman Mesh – D Tier

We reached a quick consensus on this one and agreed that it is a D tier chair. After spending a lot of time in this chair, the seat is unusable. Personally, the mesh seat caused my tailbone to go numb, which meant that I couldn’t continue to use it. The back is actually quite comfortable, which makes the seat even more of a disappointment. Combining the seat of the leather version and the back of the mesh option creates a much better chair that would easily make the B tier.

Secretlab Titan 2022 – D Tier

It is a great racing-style gaming chair, however, the bucket-seat design makes it feel rigid. The sides definitely hug the user, which doesn’t allow you a lot of movement and can be downright uncomfortable if you are even a little too big for the chair. The seat is too firm, but the armrests are very comfortable. Aside from the lumbar support, the back is completely straight and doesn’t offer a nice curve to support the shoulders, which is typical in higher-end chairs.

Ikea Markus – D Tier

This is a very popular model and highly affordable. The seat is nicely padded, but the arms are only lightly padded and can’t be moved out of the way. The back rest has some advantages, including a great recline, but the lumbar support can feel aggressive, especially in an upright position. This could make a great conference room chair, but it isn’t something you will want to spend the whole day in.

Sidiz T50 – D Tier

Based on the images of the chair, you would expect the design to be incredibly comfortable. Unfortunately, once you sit in an actual chair, it isn’t quite as amazing as it looks at first glance. To begin with, the armpads are cheaply made. We actually took them apart to examine the components and there just isn’t any quality to the materials or construction. The seat pad is decent, but the lumbar support was too intrusive even for our reviewers who prefer a pronounced support. Pulling the support all the way to the top is the only way to reduce the pressure and make the chair more comfortable, but this will only work for shorter users. While the chair did have an advocate, the majority felt comfortable placing in the D tier.

30 Most Comfortable Office Chairs Tier List for 2023 (35)

Staples Hyken – F Tier

Our first reviewer immediately put the Hyken in the F-tier because the mesh seat is essentially unusable. Those who like a mesh seat may be inclined to move the chair to a higher tier, but there are still some on our team who would prefer sitting in a hard wooden chair all day rather than this office model.

All 33 Chair – F Tier

No question about it; this chair is not comfortable, which means that it can be moved directly to the F tier without hesitation. In fact, this chair may be the most uncomfortable and awkward chair we have ever tested. For starters, the lumbar support is extremely strong, but it hits in completely the wrong spot so you will continue to feel it long after you have gotten out of the chair. It doesn’t help that the armrests are also too wide and rock hard. When we first got the chair, I promised to sit in it for 14 days but had to tap out after just 5 days of use, which should tell you everything you need to know.

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