Best computer chairs for long hours (2023)

What is the best computer chair for long hours? First, you should choose a chair with adjustable seat height. This will allow you to comfortably seat at the desk and work on the computer. You should be able to adjust the height so that you could look directly at the monitor. Secondly, look for a chair with a wider and deeper seat, which is particularly essential for long-hour sitting.

The chair with the proper width and depth of the seat will support a person of any size. Then, make sure that the chair is made with quality material. While the cloth material has the advantage of being breathable, leather is easier to clean and is a better choice for those who have to eat in front of the computer.

If you like premium solid gaming & ergonomic chairs, opt for trusted manufacturers. Noblechairs ICON Gaming Chair is made of thick real top-grain leather.

The ICON gaming and office chairs have a user weight limit of 150 kg and a sophisticated rocking mechanism, gas spring & aluminum base. It is designed to help the user maintain good posture throughout the day and it ensures that you stay comfortable for up to eight hours.

Best computer chair for long hours under£150.Your chair should swivel, giving you the freedom to move. To reach the printer or other devices around you, you just need to rotate a little, without the need to stand up. Among office chairs under £150, we believe that the Ergonomic Chair with lumbar support Hbada is the best.

This high-backed chair with curved contours will keep your body properly aligned. Extra padding by the neck and lower back provides more support during long hours of use. You can easily adjust the height of the chair using the pneumatic control handle to have proper posture while working at the computer. Not only can you adjust the height, but you can also control the tilt of the chair with the help of a special knob under the seat.The chair supports the weight of 150 kg and swivels 360 degrees, allowing you to perform multiple tasks with maximum comfort.

What Are the Main Features of the Best PC Chair for Long Hours?

It is, generally speaking, a good idea to think of your computer chair as a tool. Instead of looking at it as merely a place to sit, it should be thought of as part of an overall workspace. As such, a chair that is meant to be used for long stretches of time doesn't just need to look good or be comfortable - it needs to stand up to the rigors of a regular workday and help ensure that your lower back won't be harmed due to your usage of the chair.

There's a pretty definite feature list for which consumers should be looking when trying to find chairs made for long use.

  • The first features are always going to be those related to support, especially around the lower back and the neck.
  • The chair should also be easy to adjust to deal with both potential comfort issues as well as any health problems.
  • The chair should also have a reasonable level of padding so that it does not become too difficult to use over time.

If a chair has all of these features and they all work as advertised, there's a good chance that it will qualify as one of the better long-term use chairs on the market.

What Are the Trusted Brands of Computer Chairs for Long Hours?

There are a few different brands that are particularly well-trusted in the world of gaming chairs. Most of these chairs are just as useful for those who spend marathon sessions writing at their desks as they are for those who game competitively.

The top brands at the moment include Noblechairs, Corsair, and Razer, with a cadre of other companies generally riffing on the same basic design elements that make these chairs stand up to repeated use. Generally speaking, any brand in the gaming world is going to have at least one model that's meant for longer-term use.

Computer Chair Reviews — Investigation: Which One Is a True Chair for Long Hours

Below, you will find a comparative review of the best computer chairs for long hours at a price ranging from £150 to £300. In our research, we have answered the following questions: What computer chairs are suitable for sitting long hours? Does the price matter? Should you buy a recliner? Does adjustable lumbar support help? Are chairs without a headrest convenient?

Should You Spend £200-£500 on a Hardcore Gaming Chair?

One of the big questions among those who are looking at computer chairs is whether they are really worth the price tag. It's generally a good idea to spend a little extra on anything that goes between you and the ground, and a gaming chair can definitely be counted among such products.

While you don't necessarily need to buy a premium gaming brand, it's never a bad idea to invest in something that's going to preserve your back. As such, any person who spends a great deal of time in front of a computer should at least consider one of the premium gaming chairs like Noblechairs, Razer, or Corsair.

Should You Buy Fashionable Chairs Like Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair?

While this chair's main purpose does seem to be looking great, it's also an ergonomically-designed chair. If you strip away all of the other marketing terms that tend to surround desk chairs, what you're really going to be left with is the degree of ergonomic utility presented by the chair. So long as the fashionable chair puts in the work to be ergonomically advanced, it's going to be worth your time.

While not every 'fashion' chair is going to stand up to a real-world workday, it's important to note that this particular chair really is meant for long-term use. It is designed to help the user maintain good posture throughout the day and it also ensures that the consumer stays comfortable for up to eight hours. So long as the features are there, a fashion chair can be fine.

Hbada: Check the current price

Should You Buy a 180° Recliner? Recliners are certainly comfortable, but that doesn't mean that they are always a good fit for long-term use. As always, you want to look at features before you look at anything else. This chair has a lot of great comfort features that make it fun to sit in, but those features don't necessarily mean that the chair will be good for the user's back. A recliner is good for relaxation, but it certainly shouldn't be something that you use to replace a general computer chair.

Products with a 5-star rating

Product5 Stars Votes

BraZen Phantom Elite Pc Gaming Chair151(1.8%)

Razer Iskur Premium Gaming Chair131(1.6%)

noblechairs ICON Gaming Chair128(1.5%)

noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair114(1.3%)

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair | Review

This chair from AmazonBasics doesn't seem like anything special from the outside, but it's a very good example of how deceptively functional a good computer chair should be. While it may not have all the bells and whistles that are present on some of the higher-end gaming chairs, it does have the features that count when it comes to a user's ability to stay healthy while using this chair.

This high-backed chair has extra padding by the neck and by the lower back, which helps to provide more support over the course of long hours of use. It's also relatively easy to adjust the height of the chair, ensuring that the user will be able to have proper posture during the workday. Though it might not be the most comfortable chair out there, it's still a solid choice for those who have long workdays ahead of them.

AmazonBasics High-Back: Check the current price

3. Is an Inexpensive Chair Suitable for Sitting Long Hours?

At under a hundred dollars, it certainly seems like this chair would have to cut corners somewhere. Given that most of the top names in gaming chairs can easily cost over three times this price, it'd be fairly easy to write off this chair and to say that it doesn't do something right. In truth, though, this chair does have all of the major features that one would look for in a long-term use chair.

A quick glance at the chair's features shows that it has the extra head and lumbar supports, it can be adjusted for both height and sitting angle and that the chair claims to offer a fair bit of extra comfort while playing games. Though it certainly looks more like a toy than an ergonomically designed chair, it is a relatively solid choice for those who know that they're going to spend their time sitting in one place.

4. Does Adjustable Lumbar Support Like That In the SIHOO Help?

The adjustable lumbar support is generally considered to be one of those features that makes a chair a good fit for long sessions in front of a computer screen. Though not everyone is going to use the support correctly (or at all), those who have back problems will probably appreciate the extra level of support.

You don't always need an adjustable lumbar rest to use a chair for a lengthy period of time, but it is a feature that can help those who have bad backs to avoid further damage.

SIHOO: Check the current price

5. Are Chairs Without a Headrest Convenient? Should You Use AmazonBasics Mid-Back Chair for Sitting Long Hours?

Mid-back chairs are not always the best choice for those who are looking for ergonomic support. The lack of a headrest really does encourage bad posture, which can lead to back problems down the road. It's entirely possible to be comfortable in one of these chairs for several hours at a time, but getting up and stretching will be a necessity for anyone who tries to use the chair for a marathon work or gaming session.

Chairs without headrests can work, but they definitely need to be ergonomically engineered in a way that makes up for the lack of upper-back support.

AmazonBasics Mid-Back: Check the current price

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