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The Tivoli is SsangYong’s most compact model, and is a small crossover rivalling the Nissan Juke

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  • Low prices
  • Lots of standard equipment
  • Long warranty


  • Not very practical
  • Very thirsty petrol engines
  • Rivals are better to drive
Model review

Ssangyong might be a lesser-known company here in the UK, but those that will have heard of it will likely have done so because of its range of SUVs. Much like Jeep and Land Rover, this is all it sells, and though its models have never sold in huge numbers, it’s found its feet with buyers wanting good value, fuss-free motoring – something models like the Korando and Rexton have done well at,

But in 2015 there came a slight shift from SsangYong, as it saw the introduction of the Tivoli – a far smaller crossover-like vehicle that aimed to take advantage of this increasingly popular segment, dominated by models like the Nissan Juke and Renault Captur.

Revealed at the Geneva Motor Show that year, sales would begin later in the year, with the model bringing a bold design, class-leading levels of safety features and the promise that it would hugely build SsangYong’s sales. Diesel and 4x4 models would follow after the main launch. A roomier XLV version then came along with a larger boot, though would later be discontinued. The range has received various tweaks and special editions throughout its time on sale.

SsangYong Tivoli 2021| (1)

Latest model

The most recent update to the Tivoli came in 2020. Though SsangYong calls it a ‘model year update’, it actually seems to be a lot more than that, considering it got a pair of new petrol engines and an overhauled diesel

Inside, it gets a new 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster on top-spec models (as seen on the new Korando), along with a pair of new infotainment systems as well, measuring up to nine inches. It also benefited from light styling changes, including a sharper front end design and upgraded range of alloy wheels.

Value for money

SsangYong has always prided itself on its cars’ value for money, and by class standards the Tivoli certainly offers good value. With prices starting from £14,345, it’s one of the most affordable ways of getting behind the wheel of a new crossover, while standard equipment still includes keyless entry, cruise control and Bluetooth. However, if your budget will allow it really is worth making the jump to the £17,345 Ventura model. It might seem quite a hefty price increase, but it does get you a lot for your money, such as alloy wheels, a touchscreen, heated seats, a heated steering wheel and a reversing camera. We’d stick with this trim level, as at more than £20,000 for the top-spec model, it begins to knock on the door of far more upmarket rivals.

The Tivoli is an even more affordable option on the market, with used examples starting from around £6,500 at the time of writing for a relatively tidy example. You can also expect to save a decent amount on a nearly-new model too, with around £2,000 available off a delivery mileage example, making this SsangYong even better value for money.

Looks and image

When the Tivoli arrived in 2015 it was arguably the South Korean firm’s most stylish model to date, and even half a decade later, it’s still able to hold its own. Helped by recent changes to the front end, it offers sharp lines, neat LED lights at the front and rear, and is something refreshingly different to many in this class. You’ll probably want to skip the entry-level EX version, due to its lack of alloys.

Inside, if you want the best Tivoli, you’ll want to choose the Ultimate. That’s because this gets a larger nine-inch touchscreen, along with a digital instrument cluster that’s undoubtedly one of the best in this segment. Lesser trims are a bit bland, though, with outdated-looking climate settings and plenty of cheap interior materials that seem to justify the model’s low price.

Where the Tivoli does fall short, however, is behind the wheel. It’s not helped by not being offered with a particularly appealing engine, but with its combination of soft-sprung suspension that makes it jiggly as well as having uninspiring handling, it’s not a model you’ll ever enjoy driving. On the plus side, it’s quite good around town, thanks to good visibility and a tight turning circle.

SsangYong Tivoli 2021| (2)

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Space and practicality

When it comes to practicality, the Tivoli is quite middling by class standards. While there’s a decent amount of space in the back for taller adults – especially when compared to superminis – the boot isn’t especially practical. While SsangYong claims 393 litres, it doesn’t actually seem that big, with a high load lip and shallow entry making it no more useful than something like a Ford Fiesta.

Its four-star safety rating is quite average, too, though you do get plenty of standard safety features, including autonomous emergency braking, lane keep assist and traffic sign recognition.


SsangYong offers three engines on the Musso – two petrol and one diesel.

A 126bhp 1.2-litre petrol engine kicks off the range, and is combined with a six-speed manual gearbox. If you want something with a bit more performance, there’s a turbocharged 1.5-litre petrol, which produces 161bhp, though isn’t actually significantly quicker. There’s the choice of a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic here too.

If you’d prefer a diesel, SsangYong offers a 134bhp 1.6-litre unit, which again gets the choice of manual and automatic transmissions. All new Tivolis also come with front-wheel-drive, though a four-wheel-drive option was offered in the past if this is something that’s a must.

Running costs

If you want to bring down your running costs, without a doubt the best option is the diesel. SsangYong claims it will return 50.4mpg, along with CO2 emissions of 148g/km.

Both petrol versions are very thirsty, though, struggling to return even 40mpg, while also having rather high CO2 emissions for a car of this size. You might notice insurance premiums are a bit pricier than rivals too, because of its high insurance groups.

SsangYong Tivoli 2021| (3)

Things to look out for

Due to the Tivoli selling in quite small numbers, there isn’t a great deal known about its reliability, though the only thing we reckon you should look at are any signs of wear or damage on the interior as it’s not especially hard-wearing.

You should be reassured by the fact SsangYongs come with a seven-year, 150,000-mile warranty, which is one of the longest available on any car, and transfers between owners too.


The Tivoli sits in one of the most competitive new car segments around, though few can rival its affordability. So if you want a model that sits at the lower-price end of the spectrum, you should take a look at the Dacia Duster or MG ZS.

Better-rounded options in this class include the Renault Captur, Peugeot 2008, Ford Puma and Seat Arona, all of which have the Tivoli beaten in most key areas.


SsangYong doesn’t have the same level of street cred as some rivals, and it’s why its models generally do depreciate quite heavily. It does mean you can pick up bargain used examples, though, while decent savings can be had off nearly-new examples too.

Which Tivoli to pick

SsangYong Tivoli 2021| (4)

Cheapest to buy when new

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1.5P Ventura 5dr

SsangYong Tivoli 2021| (5)

Most MPG

1.5P Ultimate 5dr

SsangYong Tivoli 2021| (6)

Fastest model (0-60)

1.5P Ventura 5dr

Trims explained

Four trim levels are now available on the Tivoli, with equipment highlights and prices are as follows.

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Standard equipment on the Tivoli includes cruise control, keyless entry, 16-inch steel wheels with plastic covers and air conditioning. Plenty of driver assistance kit is also provided, including autonomous emergency braking, lane keep assist and traffic sign recognition. You also get a trip computer, electric windows, electric and heated door mirrors, DAB radio, Bluetooth and LED daytime running lights.

From £14,345


We’d recommend upgrading to the Ventura, as it brings 16-inch alloy wheels, heated front seats and an eight-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You also get a heated leather steering, rear parking sensors, a reversing camera, automatic lights and wipers, roof rails, additional airbags and LED front fog lights.

From £17,345


Upgrade to the high-spec Ultimate to get leather seats, electric folding mirrors and dual-zone climate control. It also features 18-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels and a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster.

From £20,345

Ultimate Nav

Right at the top of the range, the Ultimate Nav gets you a larger nine-inch touchscreen with a TomTom satellite navigation.

From £20,845

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  1. SsangYong’s smallest crossover
  2. Stylish design
  3. Crossover for supermini money
  4. Decent standard equipment levels
  5. Not very good to drive
  6. Long warranty
  7. Thirsty petrol engines
  8. Interior isn’t especially roomy
  9. Good engine and trim choice
  10. Worth considering for its price, but far better rivals are available
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Is Tivoli a good make? ›

The SsangYong Tivoli is a decent pick if you want comfortable, family-orientated driving on a small budget. It drastically undercuts other compact SUVs like the Vauxhall Mokka X and Ford EcoSport price, although its cheapness is given away with its scratchy interior and bouncy ride quality.

Are SsangYong cars reliable? ›

My experience has generally been that Ssangyong is a brand with decent reliability. Many people think it's a Chinese brand, but it's actually a South Korean company.

Who makes SsangYong Tivoli engines? ›

2015 was an exciting year for SsangYong with the launch of Tivoli, a small crossover vehicle. Engineered in conjunction with Mahindra and powered by an all-new SsangYong 1.6L engine, Tivoli has become SsangYong's best selling model yet!

Where is SsangYong Tivoli made? ›

The SsangYong vehicle range, which is built in South Korea, has proven to be outstandingly reliable, giving the confidence to provide an exceptional comprehensive 5-year / 100,000 mile warranty.

Why is Tivoli famous? ›

The park is best known for its wooden roller coaster, Rutschebanen, or as some people call it, Bjergbanen (The Mountain Coaster), built in 1914. It is one of the world's oldest wooden roller coasters that is still operating today.

How long do people spend in Tivoli? ›

The lines to the rides are seldom more than 20 min (even in high season). Many rides are closed during winter, so 2-4 hours is probably sufficient (it's pretty cold ❄ ). In main season when all rides are open, you can easily spend a full day there (6-8 hours). over a year ago.

How safe is SsangYong Tivoli? ›

Euro NCAP crash-tested the Tivoli back in 2016, awarding it a four-star safety rating. Since then, SsangYong has increased the amount of standard safety equipment on offer, taking autonomous emergency braking off the options list and bolting on the car as standard.

What are the common faults with SsangYong Tivoli? ›

What are the most common problems with a used Ssangyong Tivoli hatchback? There was a recall for Tivolis produced between 1 July 2015 and 31 January 2016 for a possible fuel leak. A line in the engine bay could discharge fuel, and the driver might notice a lack of power, accompanied by a pungent fuel smell.

Is it hard to get parts for SsangYong? ›

SsangYong accessories and spare parts are often not easy to get in this country. However, our online shop ensures the supply of SsangYong parts for your car.

Do SsangYong use Mercedes engines? ›

SsangYong Rexton diesel engines

Unlike previous models with engines produced under license from Mercedes, this engine is all SsangYong's own work, and it's impressive.

Is SsangYong owned by Mercedes? ›

In 1986 the SsangYong Group acquired the company and subsequently all vehicles were given the SsangYong name. In 1991 SsangYong formed a powerful partnership with Daimler-Benz. This allowed SsangYong to develop products using Mercedes-Benz technology.

Who currently owns SsangYong? ›

The name SsangYong appeared in 1988, after its acquisition by the chaebol SsangYong Group. SsangYong Motor was then acquired by Daewoo Motors, SAIC Motor, and then Mahindra & Mahindra. In 2022, the company was acquired by the KG Group. The SsangYong name is planned to be dropped by the company in March 2023.

Is SsangYong sold in USA? ›

Even though SsangYong has never sold its wares in the USA, you likely know the name from watching Jeremy Clarkson's Top Gear. The show famously made fun of the Rodius, which might be the ugliest car ever.

Who owns SsangYong 2022? ›

The South Korean car manufacturer was purchased by KG for 950 billion won (AUD$1.09 billion) in August 2022, ending nearly two years of uncertainty for Ssangyong.

Who makes SsangYong transmission? ›

This 2.2-liter diesel also comes with the Mercedes-Benz 7G-Tronic automatic gearbox.

What does Tivoli mean in Italian? ›

(ˈtɪvəlɪ , Italian ˈtiːvoli ) noun. a town in central Italy, east of Rome: a summer resort in Roman times; contains the Renaissance Villa d'Este and the remains of Hadrian's Villa. Pop: 49 342 (2001) Ancient name: Tibur.

Who bought Tivoli? ›

3D Investments Acquires Tivoli Village Mixed-Use Development in Las Vegas for $216M. LAS VEGAS — Beverly Hills, Calif. -based 3D Investments has purchased Tivoli Village, an open-air, mixed-use property located at 400 S. Rampart Blvd.

What does Tivoli stand for? ›

Definitions of Tivoli. a town twenty miles to the east of Rome (Tibur is the ancient name); a summer resort during the Roman empire; noted for its waterfalls. synonyms: Tibur. example of: town. an urban area with a fixed boundary that is smaller than a city.

Is Tivoli better at night or day? ›

Tivoli is open all day long, but I would recommend that you experience it both in daytime and evening time. Maybe you could go there around 9 pm after dinner (or eat there Ang take a walk afterwards). Tivoli is fairytale-like when the lights are lit.

What age is Tivoli for? ›

You can bring along up to two children age 3-7 with your Tivoli Pass, while all children under the age of 3 enjoys free entrance to the Gardens. The physical pass will be sent via PostNord. Delivery is expected to take 7–10 weekdays. Until the physical pass arrives in the post, the digital version can always be used.

Is Tivoli good for adults? ›

Visiting Tivoli Gardens

For adults, it is much more than a theme park and there is plenty to enjoy if you're not a thrill-seeker.

What is the future of SsangYong? ›

SsangYong also plans to launch the new Torres, which will sit above the Korando but below the Rexton in its line-up sometime in 2023. SsangYong was previously owned by Daewoo (before it became General Motors Korea), China's SAIC Motor (now of MG and LDV fame), and most recently Mahindra.

Is SsangYong pickup good? ›

The SsangYong Musso offers genuine capability, high levels of kit and a car-like cabin, alongside a class-leading seven-year warranty and low list price. It's also very refined inside. The Rhino LWB version, with its huge load bed, also offers a level of practical functionality no other double-cab pickup can match.

Does SsangYong Tivoli have heated seats? ›

The Ventura models offers TPU leather heated seats whilst Ultimate models have luxurious leather heated seats, available in grey or black.

What car has the most transmission problems? ›

Here are the ten models with the most transmission problems, as detailed by Car Guide.
  • Ford Focus.
  • Kia Forte. ...
  • Nissan Murano. ...
  • Ford Fiesta. ...
  • Infiniti QX60. ...
  • Nissan Rogue. ...
  • Nissan Altima. ...
  • Chevrolet Traverse. The 2013 Chevrolet Traverse included a transmission that has not held up well over time. ...
Jul 14, 2021

What motor does SsangYong use? ›

Musso Pick-up (Q200; 2018–present)
SsangYong Musso (pick-up)
RelatedSsangYong Rexton
Engine2.0 L e-XGDI 200T turbo GDI I4 (petrol) 2.2 L e-XDI 220 I4-T (diesel)
Transmission6-speed manual 6-speed Aisin automatic
16 more rows

Where are SsangYong cars built? ›

Reasons behind Edison Motors' interest in the SUV and ute manufacturer include an intention to enter the passenger car market, while also being able to mass-produce electric cars at SsangYong's factory in Pyeongtaek, South Korea.

Is it better to buy parts from dealership? ›

Yes. The dealership is one of the best places to purchase auto parts. Most auto dealerships only sell standard OEM manufacturer parts. Best of all, they can use your VIN number to find the correct part for your car or truck.

Is SsangYong owned by Hyundai? ›

SsangYong finally has a new owner, with Korea's number-three automotive brand having officially been acquired by an electric vehicle (EV) specialist. As expected, the company in question is Korean startup Edison Motor, which currently sells zero-emissions trucks and buses.

When did SsangYong introduce 7 year warranty? ›

Kia introduced their seven-year warranty in 2006, so any used model under seven years old will have some warranty remaining. MG started offering a seven-year warranty on its ZS models in 2017 and extended it to its entire range in September 2019. Ssangyong introduced their seven-year deal in the summer of 2018.

What make is SsangYong Tivoli? ›

The SsangYong Tivoli (Korean: 쌍용 티볼리) is a subcompact crossover SUV made by the SsangYong Motor Company. It is SsangYong's first new model under Mahindra & Mahindra ownership. It is named after the Italian town of Tivoli, Lazio, and was chosen because it can be read as "I love it" in reverse.

What car has the same engine as a Mercedes? ›

Renault manufactures the diesel engines that the Mercedes-Benz A-Class uses; they run on a 1.5L dCi Renault engine that has 114bhp and accelerates from 0 to 62.5mph (100kmph) in about 10.5 seconds. These engines are also used in cars by Dacia and Nissan.

Who supplies engines to Mercedes? ›

Force Motors produces high performance and premium quality engines and axles for Mercedes Benz India and BMW-India. Till date, Force Motors has supplied over 1,15,000 engines and over 1,00,000 axles for Mercedes Benz India.

Why did Mahindra sell SsangYong? ›

“M&M was also losing SUV segment market share to Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai Motor in Indian market. The liability was increasing for M&M and it decided not to further invest in loss-making Ssangyong Motor,” Mandal added. In India, Mahindra retailed Ssangyong Rexton but it wasn't a sales success.

What is the meaning of SsangYong? ›

SsangYong, literally translated, means "Double Dragon". It was largely broken up by the Asian financial crisis in 1997. SsangYong Group. Headquarters. Seoul.

Are SsangYong made in UK? ›

Made in Korea

Established in 1954, SsangYong is Korea's oldest vehicle manufacturer and only 4x4 and SUV specialist producer. There are currently some 65 SsangYong dealers covering England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, with new locations being added to the network all the time.

Is SsangYong closing down? ›

BELEAGUERED SsangYong's light at the end of the tunnel arrived this week with its new owner making the final payment of outstanding debt and releasing the car-maker back onto the market. It now plans to launch the first of a raft of EVs, starting in 2023 with the U100.

What is SsangYong known for? ›

As a premier manufacturer in Korea's automotive industry, SsangYong is respected for its advanced styling and outstanding performance since its foundation in 1954, made possible by the company's quality engineering.

What happened between Mahindra and SsangYong? ›

South Korea's SsangYong Motor will have new owners once again after the company confirmed on Monday that it had been acquired by a local consortium for 305 billion Won or approximately $254.56 million.

Has SsangYong been saved? ›

SsangYong is officially saved from bankruptcy and has loosely outlined its plans for “fresh start” after a turbulent two years in which it was dumped by Mahindra and then fell through the cracks of a failed acquisition by Eddison Motors.

Can I buy Dacia car in USA? ›

Take, for example, Volkswagen Group-owned Seat, Stellantis-owned Peugeot and Dacia, the Romanian automaker owned by Renault; these European brands are highly successful in the Old Continent, but you won't find them on American roads.

What is happening with SsangYong? ›

According to Korean news outlet Daum, the manufacturer will change its name to KG SsangYong Mobility from 1 September 2022 to mark the new ownership arrangement.

Does SsangYong do a 7 seater? ›

SsangYong Rexton SUV (2020 - ) review

The Ssangyong Rexton is a huge SUV that's offered with seven seats, and in that regard, it's a rival for cars like the Kia Sorento and Hyundai Santa Fe. But in reality, while those cars are mainstream family SUVs, the Rexton plies its trade as a specialist towing vehicle.

Are SsangYong still making cars? ›

Ssangyong Rexton

Edison currently produces only commercial EVs but was vocal about its plans to target Tesla in the passenger EV market with a radically designed and high-powered electric saloon known as the Smart S and a similarly conceived SUV called the Smart X.

Which is the biggest SsangYong? ›

Rexton is a large SUV that has been designed to deliver more in every respect.

Who makes the strongest transmission? ›

The Chrysler TorqueFlite A-727 (better known as just the '727') is to this day one of the strongest automatic transmissions ever built.

Which car brand has the best transmission? ›

Lexus and Toyota -- which rely on older transmissions in many of their models -- were the best-performing brands in the survey. Lexus or Toyota has topped the survey since 2011. Audi, Mazda and Subaru rounded out the top five. The worst performers were Infiniti, Cadillac, Ram, Jeep and Fiat among 28 brands.

Who makes Toyota transmission? ›

Toyota Motor Corporation's A family is a family of automatic FWD/RWD/4WD/AWD transmissions built by Aisin-Warner.

What are the common faults with Ssangyong Tivoli? ›

What are the most common problems with a used Ssangyong Tivoli hatchback? There was a recall for Tivolis produced between 1 July 2015 and 31 January 2016 for a possible fuel leak. A line in the engine bay could discharge fuel, and the driver might notice a lack of power, accompanied by a pungent fuel smell.

How much is the Tivoli? ›

Enjoy a fun-filled, unforgettable day at one of the world's oldest amusement parks, with your ticket to Tivoli Gardens.
AdultsChildren between 3 and 7 years old
Weekday ticketUS$ 21.90US$ 9.90
Weekend ticketUS$ 23.30US$ 9.90

What is Tivoli? ›

Tivoli in British English

(ˈtɪvəlɪ , Italian ˈtiːvoli ) a town in central Italy, east of Rome: a summer resort in Roman times; contains the Renaissance Villa d'Este and the remains of Hadrian's Villa.

What is the origin of Tivoli? ›

Etymology. After the Jardin de Tivoli in Paris (which also gave inspiration for the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen), in turn from Italian Tivoli (a city in Lazio), from Latin Tībur.

Is it hard to get SsangYong parts? ›

SsangYong accessories and spare parts are often not easy to get in this country. However, our online shop ensures the supply of SsangYong parts for your car.

Are SsangYong in trouble? ›

Struggling South Korean car-maker SsangYong is beginning to recover from a tumultuous 23 months which included bankruptcy, a failed financial takeover, and a court-ordered debt repayment plan.

Is SsangYong Tivoli a 7 seater? ›

Ssangyong Tivoli 2022 is a 5 Seater SUV available between a price range of $141,888 - 161,888 in the Singapore. It is available in 7 colors, 2 variants, 2 engine, and 1 transmissions option: Automatic in the Singapore. It has a ground clearance of 178 mm and dimensions is 4225 mm L x 1810 mm W x 1621 mm H.

Is SsangYong Tivoli a 4x4? ›

Our Cars: SsangYong Tivoli XLV 1.6 XDI ELX 4WD auto.

What country is Tivoli in? ›

Tivoli | garden, Copenhagen, Denmark | Britannica.

How old is the Tivoli? ›

Built in 1870 by German-born Mortz Sigi, the Tivoli Student Union was originally part of the Colorado Brewery.

Is Tivoli a real word? ›

a town in central Italy, E of Rome: ruins of Roman villas. Ancient Tibur.

Is Tivoli a Scrabble word? ›

tivoli is a valid English word.


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