The 6 Best Apps for Selling Stuff in 2022 (2023)

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An app to sell your stuff is just that: an app you can download to sell your unwanted purses, clothes, shoes, furniture, or anything else. It provides an easier alternative to a yard sale and allows you to earn extra money with just a phone or tablet.

The best apps for selling stuff offer low to no fees and a variety of ways to get paid, allow you to sell a variety of items, have a wide audience of buyers, and disburse funds quickly. We've reviewed the top options below.

The 6 Best Apps for Selling Stuff in 2022

Best Apps for Selling Stuff

Best Apps for Selling Stuff

  • Our Top Picks
  • eBay
  • Meta Marketplace
  • Nextdoor
  • OfferUp
  • Poshmark
  • Tradesy
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Best Overall : eBay

The 6 Best Apps for Selling Stuff in 2022 (1)

  • Time to receive payment: 1-3 business days
  • Listing fee: Varies based on items, number of listings
  • Selling area: Worldwide

Why We Chose It

We chose eBay as the best overall app for selling stuff because its online marketplace of 147 million users increases the likelihood of connecting with a buyer.

Pros & Cons


  • Variety of payment options

  • Many seller-controlled features

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  • Can sell items globally


  • Only two options for selling items

  • Complicated fee structure


You can sell items one of two ways on eBay: via auction or fixed-price listing. The auction setting option is probably the app’s most well-known feature. To create a listing, you'll need to upload a photo of what you’d like to sell, set the starting bid, and set the length of the auction.

Keep in mind that when an auction ends, you are contractually obligated to sell the item for the winning bid. Buyers can also bid on items using eBay’s automatic bidding system, which automatically bids in increments higher than the last bid.

Sellers on eBay are paid in a variety of ways, including PayPal, credit or debit card, Google or Apple Pay, and payment on pickup (if your buyer is going to pick up the item in person). Before you start selling on eBay, make sure you thoroughly understand the return policy and money-back guarantee, which has a reputation for favoring buyers. It's also important that you review the fee structure for selling on eBay, so you know how much you'll need to pay for your individual listings or store.

Best for Free Listings : Meta Marketplace

The 6 Best Apps for Selling Stuff in 2022 (3)

  • Time to receive payment: Varies
  • Listing fee: $0
  • Selling area: Local

Why We Chose It

Meta Marketplace is our choice as the best app for free listings because it is easy to use and part of a popular social media network that can help connect you with local buyers.

Pros & Cons


  • Free to use

  • Full control over selling price

  • Can accept any form of payment


  • Buyers might not show up

  • No seller protections


With Meta Marketplace, formerly known as Facebook Marketplace, you can sell unwanted items locally, and in some cases, long-distance. All you need to do is post the items for sale using your existing Facebook account. Listings are free, and you control the price, time frame your item is for sale, and other details.

As with other marketplace selling apps, you'll need to post good pictures, a description, and the price of your items and be prepared to answer questions. You should also be prepared to negotiate the price, but you as the seller ultimately have full control over it.

You can accept any form of payment you want for your items, but it's up to you to arrange delivery and payment. There are very few (if any) seller protections, so be aware of that before listing anything for sale. Because you might not know the buyer, safety precautions are also important.

Best for Local Sales : Nextdoor

The 6 Best Apps for Selling Stuff in 2022 (5)

  • Time to receive payment: Varies
  • Listing fee: $0
  • Selling area: Local

Sign Up Now

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The 6 Best Apps for Selling Stuff in 2022 (6)

Why We Chose It

Our pick as the best for local sales is Nextdoor because listings appear in the newsfeeds of buyers in your area. This makes it easier to arrange pickups and payments for items.

Pros & Cons


  • Free to use

  • Listings show up automatically in newsfeeds

  • Option to give away items for free


  • Extensive list of items prohibited for sale

  • Listings are only good for 30 days


A free, neighborhood-specific social network, Nextdoor offers a "For Sale and Free" section. It’s a good option for selling items locally. To list an item for sale, you select the button in the top right-hand corner of the screen that says "Post a listing," then select the "For Sale and Free" section.

Next, you fill in information like price, description, and photos. As with similarapps, it’s up to the buyer and seller to facilitate pickup and payment, and there are no fees required to sell an item.

Your item for sale will appear in your neighbors' newsfeeds, even if they aren’t specifically searching for items on sale. Items for sale will appear right along with road closures, neighborhood events, and more.

Listings expire after 30 days, so if you haven't sold your item by then, you'll need to renew the listing. You can also offer discounts, which will boost your unsold item in your neighbors' newsfeeds. And though you can sell a good number of items on Nextdoor, there are prohibited items, so be sure to review the selling guidelines for what you can and can't list.

Best for Buyers : OfferUp

The 6 Best Apps for Selling Stuff in 2022 (7)

  • Time to receive payment: Typically within 5-7 days of buyer receiving item
  • Listing fee: $0
  • Selling area: Nationwide

Why We Chose It

We like OfferUp as the best for buyers because of the app's focus on safety. It lists what it calls Safe Trade Spots and will remove listings that violate guidelines.

Pros & Cons


  • Can sell a wide variety of items, including cars

  • Easy to get started

  • Safe Trade Spots list available


  • Payments are made in cash or directly through the app

  • Listings may be removed


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Another great app for selling items locally is OfferUp, and you can sell anything from used cars to clothes to baby items.

With OfferUp, you can also select whether you’d prefer to sell the item locally or ship it nationwide. If you're a more serious seller, you can promote your item via the OfferUp app to reach more potential sellers. As far as getting paid goes, if you sell the item locally, then the buyer will pay you directly when they receive the item. If you choose to ship, you will be paid via the OfferUp app.You may then set up a withdrawal.

OfferUp claims you can start listing items for sale within 30 seconds of downloading its app. Simply upload photos of the item, then input a title, category, condition, description of the item, location, and price. Buyers can then ask for more information about the item or make an offer.

As with other apps, make sure you check the restrictions policy and if there are any seller protections. And unlike other apps, OfferUp offers a listing of Safe Trade Spots to make sure all parties are safe when making in-person transactions. Also be aware that if the app feels your listing violates its guidelines, the administrators can remove it.

Note that while it's free to list an item on OfferUp, there is a fee of $1.99 to 12.9% of the sale price when the item ships.

Best for Selling Designer Items : Poshmark

The 6 Best Apps for Selling Stuff in 2022 (9)

  • Time to receive payment: Within 3 days of item delivery
  • Listing fee: $0
  • Selling area: Nationwide

Why We Chose It

Poshmark is our pick as the best for selling designer items because it is a recognized app for buyers seeking upscale clothing, handbags, jewelry, and more.

Pros & Cons


  • Free to create a listing

  • Can sell a wide variety of items

  • Focus on higher-dollar designer items


  • App takes a commission on sales

  • Payments only through direct deposit


With Poshmark, you can sell anything from women’s clothing and handbags to shoes, jewelry, and makeup. An online commerce marketplace for fashion, this app is a great tool for those who want to clean out and update their closet and make some money at the same time. There is a focus on designer items, which can net you some higher dollars in the selling process, especially if they're in great condition.

The listing process is fairly straightforward. Snap a few photos of the item, fill in the description, and set the price. Poshmark also offers “Posh Parties,” buying and selling events held within the app. Sellers can also create bundles of items, offer discounts on prices and shipping, and negotiate with buyers on the price of an item.

When a seller makes a sale, Poshmark provides them with a prepaid shipping label via the Poshmark app. You can redeem your earnings via direct deposit or check. When setting your price, keep in mind that Poshmark takes a commission with each sale: a flat $2.95 on sales under $15 and 20% on sales of $15 and up.

Runner-Up, Best for Selling Designer Items : Tradesy

The 6 Best Apps for Selling Stuff in 2022 (11)

  • Time to receive payment: Up to 7 days from item delivery
  • Listing fee: $0
  • Selling area: Nationwide

Why We Chose It

Tradesy is our runner-up for selling designer items because it limits listings only to designer brands.

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Pros & Cons


  • No selling fees

  • App provides listing photo touch-up assistance


  • High commission fees

  • Only able to sell high-end designer brands


Tradesy is a luxury peer-to-peer shopping platform that makes it easy to sell your designer items. All you need to do is upload a few photos of your items, input information like brand, size, and condition, then set a price. The app will also give you a suggested price based on details in your listing. One nice feature is that Tradesy will clean up your photos to make them look more professional.

Unlike Poshmark, which allows you to sell non-designer brands, Tradesy only sells authentic, high-quality items, so it’s not ideal for those looking to offload non-brand-name clothing or shoes.

Sellers receive a prepaid shipping label to ship their goods when they’ve sold and can even maintain a well-stocked Tradesy “closet” to continue to monetize their items.

Tradesy charges a $7.50 flat commission fee for items sold for less than $50 and a 19.8% commission rate on items selling for $50 or more. Sellers can withdraw their money from the Tradesy app via PayPal, a debit card, or transfer to a bank account.

Final Verdict

Using these selling apps can help you make a quick buck in no time. Our top pick is eBay because of its huge online marketplace that allows for the sale of just about anything to just about anyone. It is a well-established, easy-to-use app that offers sellers a wide variety of advantageous features.

Compare the Best Apps for Selling Stuff

CompanyTime to Receive PaymentListing FeeSelling Area
eBay Best Overall1–3 business daysVaries based on items, listingsWorldwide
Meta Marketplace Best for Free ListingsVaries$0Local
Nextdoor Best for Local SalesVaries$0Local
OfferUp Best for BuyersTypically within 5–7 days of item delivery$0Nationwide
Poshmark Best for Selling Designer ItemsWithin 3 days of item delivery$0Nationwide
Tradesy Runner-Up, Best for Selling Designer ItemsUp to 7 days from item delivery$0Nationwide

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Should I Use an App to Sell My Stuff?

    Using an app to sell your unwanted items is an easy, inexpensive way to both declutter and make some extra cash. It's simple to take a picture, upload it, answer a few questions about the item, and prep it for sale. Plus, when you use an app, many of the transaction pieces, like settling disputes, creating shipping labels, or collecting money, are handled for you.

  • What Items Can You Sell on These Apps?

    Depending on the app you're using, you can sell nearly anything. But make sure you're adhering to the app's policy regarding prohibited items. For instance, some do not allow the reselling of gift cards. Also, be sure to read the fine print for seller protections, listing fees, shipping requirements, and anything else that directly affects your ability to see items on these apps.

  • How Much Does It Cost to List an Item for Sale?

    In general, listing your items for sale is free, but there are a few (like eBay) that charge fees. Make sure to read the fine print before choosing to sell on an app.

    Other fees may include commissions or sales fees paid to the app, which can range from a flat fee to a percentage of each sale.

  • What Is the Easiest Selling App to Use?

    The easiest to use is Meta Marketplace, given that it's completely free to use (there is no complicated fee structure), offers sellers total control over their pricing, and can accept any form of payment.


To determine the best apps to sell your stuff, we considered a number of factors including reputation, listing fees, types of items sold, commissions, ease of use, and any restrictions imposed by the app. We also looked at the popularity, number of users, and types of payments accepted. The apps that made our list had low to no fees, were free to sign up for, and allowed sellers to sell almost any type of item.

Article Sources

  1. eBay. "eBay Inc. Reports Better Than Expected Fourth Quarter."

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The 6 Best Apps for Selling Stuff in 2022? ›

Facebook Marketplace Best for Quick Sales

Posting items for sale in Facebook Marketplace is as easy as sharing any other update on the largest social media platform in the world—although, in Marketplace, each listing is public, so it can be seen on and off of the platform.

What app is everyone selling stuff? ›

Facebook Marketplace Best for Quick Sales

Posting items for sale in Facebook Marketplace is as easy as sharing any other update on the largest social media platform in the world—although, in Marketplace, each listing is public, so it can be seen on and off of the platform.

What is the most selling app? ›

Top Grossing Google Play Apps and Games 2022
AppRevenue ($mm)
Google One891
Coin Master521
Candy Crush Saga502
6 more rows
Mar 14, 2023

What app turns your unwanted items into cash? ›

It's a SIMPLE, CERTAIN and FAST way to make money from your unwanted items at home. As a Twig user, you can convert your things into cash, instantly. Twig empowers you to discover wealth you never knew you had.

How can I sell my stuff fast? ›

Here are 10 tried and true tips for selling items online:
  1. Decide what to sell and where. ...
  2. Give it a fair value. ...
  3. Clean and prepare your item. ...
  4. Take great pictures. ...
  5. Be honest in your description. ...
  6. Be available to respond to potential buyers fast. ...
  7. Think about when and how to list. ...
  8. Know the lingo and community rules.
Jan 23, 2023

What app is the easiest to sell on? ›

Compare the Best Apps for Selling Stuff
CompanyTime to Receive PaymentSelling Area
eBay Best Overall1–3 business daysWorldwide
Meta Marketplace Best for Free ListingsVariesLocal
Nextdoor Best for Local SalesVariesLocal
OfferUp Best for BuyersTypically within 5–7 days of item deliveryNationwide
2 more rows
Mar 8, 2023

Which are the best reselling apps --? ›

20 Best Reselling Apps In India
  1. Meesho. Meesho is one of the best reselling apps in India, launched in 2015 by a pair of IIT Delhi alums. ...
  2. Glow-Road App. Like Meesho, Glow-Road is one of the free Reselling Apps In India. ...
  3. App Shop 101. ...
  4. eBay App. ...
  5. Tun Tun. ...
  6. RateS. ...
  7. ZyMi. ...
  8. Yaari.


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